A Yeshiva with the foundation of Tomchei Tmimim values, that incorporates high level studies in Limudei Kodesh for average to advanced Bochurim, together with  an option for a full secular skills (Limudei Chol) curriculum, culminating in a NY State Regents High School Diploma. We achieve this without the compromises that often result from programs that are not full day Kodesh. The underlying premise is to maintain an environment true to Chabad values on all levels.

Entering our 4th year and currently catering to nearly 40 Mesivta and Smicha Bochurim, MLTL’s emphasis is on developing leadership, responsibility, and integrity, in an atmosphere of Taharas HaKodesh.  Families can choose between the Kodesh only track or the option to earn a high school diploma.

MECHINA SHIUR (8th grade)

If your son is completing 7th grade this year and going into his Bar Mitzvah year, he may apply to our Mechina Shiur.  This program is open to a limited number of Talmidim with strong learning skills and Chassidishe Hanhoga who are in their Bar Mitzvah year, and are seeking to develop in their learning, Avodah, and personal growth in a true Mesivta environment.


If you are seeking a Smicha program combined with a rewarding and meaningful Shlichus of working with young Bochurim and helping them grow as Tmimim, please contact us to inquire into our Smicha program now going into its third successful year.

We welcome out of town students with full dormitory accommodations. Only an hour away from Crown Heights, your son can be in an out of town Yeshiva but still close enough to home.

Parents are saying…

“A Breath of Fresh Air”

“Professionally run…”

“… that my son already knew how to learn Tosfos, but now he is happy learning Tosfos!”

“… my son knows (and I know) that someone is there for him…”