The foundation of Mesivta Lev Tmimim Lubavitch is that each Talmid has an infinite value – not because of his achievements, but based on his essential being – a חלק אלוקה ממעל ממש. And when a child feels that, and senses that his teachers and Hanhola believe in him and in his ultimate worth, then he believes in himself and his ability to achieve – academically, and spiritually – more than he thought possible.  MLTL provides a high level academic curriculum of Limudei Kodesh, as well as the opportunity to gain knowledge and essential skills in general studies with the option to work towards a NY State Regents diploma – without the slightest compromise on level of Yidishkeit, Chassidishkeit, Yiras Shomayim, and Lubavitch values and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

We welcome out of town students with full dormitory accommodations. Only an hour away from Crown Heights, your son can be in an out of town Yeshiva but still close enough to home.

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“… my son knows (and I know) that someone is there for him…”

We subscribe to the Vision for Chabad Schools outlined by the Menachem Education Foundation