A program with the foundation of Chabad values, that incorporates high level studies in Limudei Kodesh for average to advanced Bochurim, side by side with a secular (Limudei Chol) skills curriculum, culminating in a NY State Regents High School Diploma. We achieve this without the compromises that often result from programs that are not full day Kodesh. The underlying premise is to maintain an environment true to Chabad values on all levels.

We believe that the nurturing of emotional wellbeing, personal growth, and devotion to the student is a basic need of EVERY child.  Our goal is to invest in the Talmidim the same resources and creativity often provided only to our not yet Frum Mekuravim on Shlichus or to teens at risk and in trouble. We feel that the same care that goes into our outreach and remedial programs should be invested in our mainstream, healthy, Chassidishe children too.

We welcome out of town students with full dormitory accommodations. Only an hour away from Crown Heights, your son can be in an out of town Yeshiva but still close enough to home.

Parents are saying…

“A Breath of Fresh Air”

“Professionally run…”

“… that my son already knew how to learn Tosfos, but now he is happy learning Tosfos!”

“… my son knows (and I know) that someone is there for him…”