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The Rebbe made it clear that he believed in each person and expected more of them.

This is the foundation of Lev Tmimim.  Each individual has value – not because of his achievements, but based on his essential being – a חלק אלוקה ממעל ממש. When this is felt by a Bochur then he too will believe in himself and his ability to achieve. This is basic for success throughout life.
But this is only the foundation.  The Rebbe is a leader who created leaders– his army of Shluchim and Chassidim who together have lit up the world, one Shliach, one Bochur, one Mitzvah, one Tefillin, and one candle at a time.  Lev Tmimim is that springboard which enables Bochurim to realize the true potential that the Rebbe sees in them, to join that mission and help ignite the world.  
Today YOU can be part of this revolution in the world of Chinuch, by choosing one Bochur to personally invest in and help empower him to a life of leadership and success!

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