Lev Tmimim Summer Leadership Program

A summer of intense growth, learning, personal development and FUN!


 ט׳ תמוז – ח׳ אב ה׳תש׳׳פ

July 1 – July 29, 2020
Monsey, NY


Ages 13-15

The Lev Tmimim Summer Leadership Program is a standalone program open to the greater community (not necessarily geared only to our Mesivta Bochurim).  

The goal of the program is exactly as stated above, to provide a summer of intense growth, learning, personal development and fun.

The program focuses heavily on meaningful activities and programming that facilitate that goal.  Throughout the summer, and in each activity, your son is challenged, guided, supported, and encouraged to go out of his comfort zone, get in touch with himself, connect with his peers, and discover his full potential.

The program includes many opportunities to develop creativity and discover potential talents and interests that your son may not even be aware that he has.

This program is not meant to be a relaxing vacation.  Although it will be fun, exciting, and enjoyable, there will be real expectations and demands placed upon the participants.  These will be intertwined with every aspect of the daily schedule such as

  • an emphasis on real עבודה and connection in Davening
  • internalizing concepts learned in Chassidus
  • taking on S.M.A.R.T. goals and Hachlotos Tovos
  • developing leadership, taking initiative, and interpersonal skills during play and sports
  • confidence building through public speaking and healthy risk taking
  • team building activities

Due to the Covid-19 situation, specific trips and off campus activities are still tentative, however, within the guidelines and available open facilities, some of the items on the agenda are 

  • Boating/Fishing
  • Hiking – including some very challenging courses, and water hiking
  • Amusement parks/Amusement centers
  • Shooting range
  • Outdoor camping/survival overnight
  • Shchita/ Kosher Butchering facility
  • River Tubing


Daily/Weekly activities include:

  • Learning- Chassidus, Halacha, Gemara/Mishna
  • Guitar lessons
  • Computer coding
  • Cooking
  • Robotics
  • First aid and CPR
  • Woodworking
  • Swimming
  • Mandatory daily physical fitness workout
  • Organizational skills and time management
  • Health and Nutrition

Note: we are keeping the program relatively small, up to 10-15 boys.  As such, despite having much physical and outdoor activity, if your son is looking for a summer program with heavy emphasis and traditional sports games (baseball, football, etc.) then this program is probably not for him.  We will have sports and a lot of outdoor activities, but sports games, per se, is not the emphasis.  

The program is being run by Rabbi Hami, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta Lev Tmimim, together with two unmarried staff counselors.



To apply, please complete the form below. Or contact us here.  The cost of the program is $2,500 ($2,150 for in town participants) and includes everything.  There are no other fees or costs (not including travel to Monsey).  There are currently no scholarships or discounts available. In the unlikely event that the program does not open, application fee and any other payments already made will be refunded.

A PCR (nasal swab) COVID-19 test will be required within 5-7 days before start of the program (no earlier or later).  If a participant is sent home due to health or behavioral reasons, no refund can be given.

If accepted to the program, a medical and emergency information form will be sent to you to complete, together with a full camp packing list and further info.


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Are there any academic matters that you feel we should know about? Please describe your son's academic abilities to the best of your ability. If he has any areas that he excels in, or areas that are difficult for him, please include that in your description. *
Please note that the more information you provide us with about your son, the better we can understand his needs and individualize our focus for him. Please be as honest and clear about the following questions. These questions are not necessarily going to determine acceptance or lack thereof. What we look at is the overall situation of the child and how we can help him reach his fullest potential.
Are there any behavioral matters that you feel we should know about? Please describe your son's behavior in school and home. If he has any areas that he excels in, or areas that are difficult for him, please include that in your description.*
Are there any medical matters that you feel we should know about? Please describe any medical condition that may affect his learning, social, or dorm experiences or important matter that we should pay attention to including food or other allergies.*
Please list any medications that are taken regularly for medical, emotional, or mental health. This includes allergy, food sensitivity, and ADHD medications.*
Please ask you son if he is involved in any way with non-Jewish content (movies, songs, books, etc.) - possibly at a firend's house or through other media. It is, sadly, common today that boys this age are involved in these things unbeknownst to parents. Take this opportunity to openly discuss with your son if you have not done so in the past. Please use this area to explain your thoughts and conversation with your son in as much detail as possible.*
Are there any social and/or emotional matters that you feel we should know about? Please describe your son's social and emotional character to the best of your ability. If he has any areas that he excels, or areas that are diffucult of him, please include that in your desciption. *
Does your son go to Mikvah regularly, or if there is not one in your area, does he have any objection to doing so?*
Does your son sleep with Negel Vasser by his bed?
Does your son Daven with a hat and jacket (if he is Bar MItzvah already)?*
Does your son wear non-wool Tzitzis and does he ever walk around the house without Tzitzis or Yarmulke?*
I understand that if accepted to the summer program, my son can only have a phone without any data or internet capabilities, and no other internet capable device. If he brings a non permitted device, it will be confiscated and NOT returned, and he may be sent home.*
NON refundable application fee, if accepted, this will be applied to summer program tuition (application will NOT be processed without paid application fee, please submit fee now in the window that will open after submitting this form):*

Timely responses

Parents deserve to be replied to in a timely manner.  We pledge to try to respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

Innovative Ideas

While remaining true to the Rebbe’s guidelines, we are open to new ideas that are approved by Rabbonim and Mashpiim in order to maximize the success of each child.


We pledge to relate to our students, staff, and parent body in the most professional way.  Accountability and responsibility are the foundations for a successfully run Mosad.


Clear Communication

We make every effort to be clear in our communication with parents in order to enhance the cooperation between home and Yeshiva for the benefit of the Talmid.

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