Extra Curricular

As part of the rich curriculum of learning, we believe that exposing young Talmidim to many areas of knowledge will help expand and broaden their knowledge and help motivate them to further increase in their learning.  As such, we have periodic guest Shiurim provided by various professionals including Shluchim, Mohel, Sofer, Shochet, as well as a Medical Doctor to discuss healthy lifestyle, exercise, sleeping and eating habits with the Bochurim.

Bochurim are encouraged to take part in physical activity during breaks; participating in sports and exercise is highly beneficial for overall wellbeing and supports success in learning and self esteem.  Organized physical activity by trained teachers is part of the daily schedule and all are required to take part.

At MLTL Talmidim have the opportunity to use other skills they may have, as well, to express themselves.  Some activities that they may be involved with are

  • Public Speaking
  • Computer coding
  • Chess
  • First aid and CPR
  • Woodworking – e.g. Building a Shtender for themselves, etc.
  • Learning to Lein
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • Swimming/Lifeguarding course
  • Team Building programs
  • Physical Fitness
  • Organizational skills and time management
  • Health and Nutrition



Timely responses

Parents deserve to be replied to in a timely manner.  We pledge to try to respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

Innovative Ideas

While remaining true to the Rebbe’s guidelines, we are open to new ideas that are approved by Rabbonim and Mashpiim in order to maximize the success of each child.


We pledge to relate to our students, staff, and parent body in the most professional way.  Accountability and responsibility are the foundations for a successfully run Mosad.

Clear Communication

We make every effort to be clear in our communication with parents in order to enhance the cooperation between home and Yeshiva for the benefit of the Talmid.

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