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Register your son for one on one mentoring and coaching, and make this the year that changes your son’s life, giving him the tools to maximize his Yeshiva experience and personal success!

On the one hand,the Inyon of Bitul, which is evident in the Achdus with other Yidden…And on the other hand, together with the Bitul, must be evident the strong sense of self of each Yid in his own right, that each Yid is a ‘Mekabel Hatorah’, each according to his own level…

Behar-Bechukosai 5771 pg.547-548

  • Is your son struggling to acclimate to his new identity as a Yeshiva Bochur or finding it hard to adjust to living away from home?
  • Is he comfortable with his classmates and roommates and confidently interacting with his peers?
  • Do you want to help your son stay focused on his priorities in Yeshiva with a healthy balance of learning, socializing, and personal goals and interests?
  • Does your son have goals;  long, mid, and short term to help him maximize his academic, emotional, and social wellbeing?
  • Is he struggling with his weight, healthy choices, and active lifestyle that will support his academic and social success?  Does he have the energy and stamina to push himself to succeed?
  • Are you concerned about peer pressure and negative influences when your son is away from home?


Perhaps you want to give your son an edge or help him out of a rut; or maybe he has never fully realized and tapped into his potential. 


Now you can give him the unique benefits of the Lev Tmimim approach while he is enrolled in his current Yeshiva.

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Timely responses

Parents deserve to be replied to in a timely manner.  We pledge to try to respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

Innovative Ideas

While remaining true to the Rebbe’s guidelines, we are open to new ideas that are approved by Rabbonim and Mashpiim in order to maximize the success of each child.


We pledge to relate to our students, staff, and parent body in the most professional way.  Accountability and responsibility are the foundations for a successfully run Mosad.


Clear Communication

We make every effort to be clear in our communication with parents in order to enhance the cooperation between home and Yeshiva for the benefit of the Talmid.

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