Rabbi Gershon Sandler opened his new, recently established Camp Gan Israel in the Poconos facilities to Mesivta Lev Tmimim for Shabbos Slichos.

The Bochurim, Shluchim, and families of Rebbeim enjoyed a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere in the newly renovated camp site.

The mountain atmosphere was very conducive to Hachonas for Slichos, including Sidrei Niggunim, Hisvaaduyos, Shiurim, and a camp fire. Additionally, time was made for much-deserved extracurricular activities including sports and walks in the scenic mountain camp site.

Mesivta Lev Tmimim which opened this year in Monsey, is a new Yeshiva offering a long-awaited solution for Bochurim looking for a truly Chassidishe atmosphere, without compromise, while still offering essential Limudei Chol skills and extra curricular programming. Boys are held to high standards of chassidishkeit, together with emphasis on emotional wellbeing.

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