Just a quick update about what’s new in Mesivta Lev Tmimim Lubavitch of Monsey for the upcoming new Zman of 5777.

B”H the Yeshiva is doubling in size going strong into our second year.  We now have more than two full classes, and double the Hanhola.

In addition to Rabbis Roth, Soble, and Losh, joining us this year are Rabbis Volfman and Lewis, as well as Mr. David Levin.  See next post for a little background about them.

Among the new things and changes being implemented this year are:

  • With a larger staff of three full time Magidei Shiur in addition to the support teachers, we are providing an even better match to the Bochurim in each class according to their level; typical Mesivta Gemara level learning including Tosfos, Rishonim and Achronim, as well as two other Shiurim geared to basic Gemara skills and a remedial Gemara class.
  • For those boys who are seeking it, an accelerated Girsa and Halacha track.
  • Our Halacha curriculum is being developed to ensure that over the span of three years in Mesivta there will be continuity with learning of skills to learn practical Halacha.
  • A new online School Management System, that will help teachers track and report progress of their Talmidim, and allow parents to access this progress on an ongoing basis.
  • This year, in addition to our Shluchim, we also have a small group of Elter Bochurim learning Smicha, who will also be enhancing the learning of the Bochurim in both Nigleh and Chassidus.
  • Expanding our music lessons to new instruments, in addition to violin and guitar which was offered last year.
  • New extra curricular programming to diversify the experience of the Talmidim outside of Seder hours.
  • Hanhola members spent the summer training, taking courses both in academic and pedagogical subjects, as well as workshops on relating to their Talmidim’s emotional and psychological wellbeing and development – an area that is so crucial for all Bochurim in this day and age.