Pre-Application Form – Talmid

Dear Bochur,

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability.  We know that some of these questions may be things you never thought about, so we are asking you to try and spend some time thinking about them carefully before answering.  Please try to answer these questions on your own without your parents’ help.   This is not an application (the application will be sent to your parents later).   These questions will help us to understand a little about who you are and how we can make your time in Yeshiva the most successful.  Don’t worry about spelling and don’t worry about how well you write.  This is not a test 🙂 We are simply interested to know a little bit about you.


What is your last name?*
What is your first (and middle) name?*
What name do you prefer to be called?*
What is your email address:*
What grade are you in right now? Or if you're filling this out in the summer, what grade did you just finish?*
In Mesivta you may learn Limudei Kodesh entire day (you can still do sports and extra curricular activities), or learn General Studies (English, math, etc.) in the afternoon. Please tell us which track you are applying to:*
How many brothers and sisters do you have and which are you (oldest, youngest, etc.)?*
What school do you go to?*
What is your favorite subject in Cheder?*
What is your least favorite subject in Cheder?*
Do you like learning Gemara or Chassidus more?*
Do you consider yourself a good student?*
Do you feel that you can prepare a section of Gemara on your own? Rashi? Tosfos? Please explain.:*
Do you do Chitas, and/or Rambam everyday? If so, which and how much? *
Are you ever Shliach Tzibur?*
Do you ever Lein?*
Do you like to Daven? (You can be honest):*
Do you like playing sports? If so, which is your favorite (you can have more than one):*
What is your favorite hobby (example: reading, sports, Mivtzoyim, playing video games, etc.)?*
Do you have your own cell phone?*
Do you watch any movies or read non Jewish books?*
Please describe and explain your answer to the previous question:*
Do you have an iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.) or other "Smart" device?*
Do you realize that in our Yeshiva you may not have such a device, and if you have one, would you be willing to give it up? Please think about this very carefully. There are no Knasim (fines or punishments) for having a device in Yeshiva, rather a student who has one will simply and literally be sent home with no discussion or exception. Our goal is to help you be the best YOU that you can be, and we believe that a device will make that more difficult. If you disagree, we respect your opinion and suggest that you consider a school that fits more with your beliefs).*
Do you know what reluctantly means?*
Do you have Social Media of any kind? (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)? (describe what and explain why in the next box)*
Please describe and explain your answer to the previous question: *
Would you feel comfortable being in a Yeshiva that expects you to behave in a Chassidishe way both in Yeshiva, as well as when you go home? For example, wearing white shirt, hat and jacket, even on an off Shabbos?*
Do you prefer an out of town Yeshiva, or would you rather stay home?*
Last question. Please think about this one carefully. What is your biggest question that you would love to have answered if you could?*