Personal Experiences

We are so grateful to have found Mesivta Lev Temimim. It is truly a blessing to find a school that acknowledges, accepts and works with students on their individual learning levels, recognizing strengths and and accommodating challenges.  The beauty of this school is in the fact that while the dedicated, caring and competent staff makes space for individual academic abilities, from the highest learning levels to those navigating challenges, there is no compromise in high expectations of mentschlichkeit and chassidishkeit. The boys are supported in their growth, personally, academically and socially.  The encouraged involvement and communication between hanhola, parents and students creates such a great network for success. Our son is happy and wants to return next year!

Rebbetzin Tamar Helfen

Shlucha, Chabad Northampton, MA

לכבוד ידידי הרב גיל חמי
שלום וברכה

.ברצוננו לאחל לך לרעייתך ולבב חג פסח כשר ושמח. הרחבה בכל העניינים בגו”ר
.אנו רוצים לנצל הזדמנות להוקיר תודה מעומק הלב לך ולרעייתך היקרה על כל ההשקעה העצומה ועל השעות הרבות לילות כימים למען בננו היקר
.אנו נפעמים מדרכך המיוחדת המתאפיינת במלחמה על כל תלמיד שישיג את המקסימום ושיצליח והכל מתוך אהבה ודבקות במטרה

.’אנו בטוחים בעז”ה, שהשקעתכם תניב פירות טובים ומשובחים בטווח קרוב או רחוק אך ‘לעולם מילה טובה לא הולכת לאיבוד

.נמשיך אי”ה להיות שגרירים טובים של הישיבה הנפלאה בכל מקום ומקום

.שהשי”ת יתן לכם הלאה את הכוחות והאנרגיות יחד עם האפשרויות, לגדל דורות של תמימים, יראים ושלמים, מקושרים בלו”נ לרבינו נשיאנו

בהערצה ובכבוד
שלמה ואורית קטן

Rabbi Shlomo and Aurit Katan

Shluchim, Miami, FL

Our experience with Mesivta Lev Tmimim has been fantastic. It’s been a real Brocha for my son!

Rebbetzin Channa Mayer

Shlucha, Chabad at U of Virginia

Mesivta Lev Tmimim is one of the most unique places I’ve ever seen. The Rebbeim and shluchim are brilliant educators who truly care about the students. The Hanhola is overwhelmingly respectful to parents and always receptive to our questions, making themselves available 24/6 and even on Shabbos if you can walk over.  The Gemara learning is serious and academically challenging even to the strongest students.  This wonderful Yeshiva has literally transformed our son into a true soldier of Hashem and the Rebbe. Thank you Rabbi Hami and Mesivta Lev Tmimim – your Yeshiva is probably the best kept secret in the world of Lubavitch Mesivtas!

Zev Henig

Family Law Attorney

One of the many wonderful things happening at Lev Tmimim, is the open communication! We receive daily updates, videos and pictures. It makes me feel much more involved in my son’s day, even though he is learning out of town! We have contact via WhatsApp with the teachers and principal. Every question, comment or concern is taken seriously, and responded to within minutes, if not a few hours! This alone shows that my son matters!

A. Muchnik

Parent, Shiur Alef, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Rabbi Hami,
Just wanted to let you know that our son davened beautifully on Yom Kippur and is wearing his מחשבה דיבור ומעשה – his yiddishkeit & chaddishkeit much more comfortably & happily.  His advancing in Chassidus and excitement for Tosfos and Meforshim has been more than we could have asked for!
Wishing you & the yeshiva continued hatzlacha.

Parent, Shiur Alef
Crown Heights, NY

He really helped our son, was able to relate to him on his level and attentive to his needs… We appreciate the feedback that we received during the time that he worked with him…

Rabbi Yitzchok Kaye

Manchester, UK

Wonderful, warm and really dedicated to the Talmidim…As a parent there’s no substitute for knowing that someone is there for your child…It makes all the difference in the world…

Rabbi Mendel Samuels

Shliach, Chabad of Simsbury, CT

Levi is our youngest child. We have been around the block many times with the yeshiva system.  I have never experienced this degree of communication between the staff and the parents.  At the recent shabbaton, the teachers spoke to me about Levi because they wanted to, not because they had to.  I was impressed.  Brachot for continued and increasing success!

Dr. Yacov Meer

MD, Morristown, NJ

The Hanhola here has vision. For the kids of this generation. The kids who are actually going to lead us……he combines his expertise in education with his intuitive awareness of each boys unique character traits, blending Torah, Avodah, Gmilus Chassadim with the joy that is needed to keep our kids, and us strong and connected.

Chaya Sara Gurewicz

Parent, Shiur Alef, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Hami is very warm-hearted and caring, he puts a lot of Kochos into the Bochurim, time and effort into each individual Talmid through discussions and farbrengens in a very positive and unique way.

Rabbi Avrohom Gurary

Shliach, Chabad of Buffalo, NY

Our experiences with our son there have been a breath of fresh air… He really knew how to connect with our son and through his involvement with our son our relationship with our son has deepened.  We see that the boys open up to him and trust him and we’re very grateful for what he’s provided…

Chaim Holtzberg

Airmont, NY

Thanks for all your input in creating a very pleasant atmosphere for the boys…
It’s so nice to know that there’s somebody THERE who’s concerned and interested.  What a Chidush in male gender Yeshiva Chinuch.

Malkie Leitner

Monsey, NY

If you’ve had a good experience with our Yeshiva, or with any of the Hanhola, or have any concerns and would like to share your thoughts please let us know.  Feedback, positive as well as constructive, is cherished by us!